To purchase the Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide Templates simply add the desired number of sets to your cart and use Pay Pal to check out.  If you any any difficulty, please  email me your shipping address at and pay through Pay Pal at  At this time there are four sets (A through D) and each set consists of four templates.  Each template is approximately 3” X 6”.

Each template has different stitch guides with 100’s and 100’s of stitch designs possibilities by changing the thread size, using different stitches, changing the direction of the needle, using beads for embellishment, lace, ribbon and by combining the template stitches.

Price Change Notice: Great News from Faye’s Fabric Crafts, Etc. LLC!  In order to introduce even more Crazy Quilters to the luxury of Faye’s Fabric Crafts Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide Templates, the price has been temporarily reduced.  Now you can get all sixteen templates (Sets A, B, C & D) for just $120 USD.  Or you can buy a set of four templates (Set A, B, C or D) for only $30 USD.  This is a limited time offer so don’t miss this chance to own these amazing Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide Templates.  These templates are not just basic, simple figure templates.  They are computer designed and laser-cut from fluorescent orange acrylic.  The templates offer elaborate stitch guides that will enable fantastic seam embellishments.  You can combine the patterns for a virtually unlimited variety of designs.

Please Note:  In order to offer these low prices, your templates will be laser-cut after payment of your order and may take up to two weeks after payment by PayPal to be shipped.  Shipping charges will be based on your location.  In the United States, they will be shipped by Priority Mail ($7.15).  There is never a handling charge.  But, at this low, low price, it will be worth the wait.

7 thoughts on “LIMITED TIME OFFER

  1. Hi Faye…I am interested in your templates. There are many template out there for crazy quilt seam treatments and wonder how your product is different. As you know it is difficult to make an accurate evaluation of all the templates out therre. There are some that offer limited treatments, although look well made, and there are others that look like someone created the templates with an X-Acto knife. Although there are many options with this product, I doubt they will stand up to the constant use.

    I like that yours use a lazer cut which promotes accuracy. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Terrie Celentano,
      I am so sorry that I just now saw your email about my Crazy Quilt Templates. My sister passed away recently and it has been difficult for me to deal with. But I’ve made progress and I’m doing much better.
      You can email me at and also you can view my templates at my Facebook page: Faye’s Fabric Crafts Etc. As a promotion, we have just lowered the price on the Crazy Quilt Templates. All 4 sets are now only $120 USD or you can purchase individual sets A, B, D or D (consist of 4 templates in each set) for $30 USD. This price does not include shipping. Shipping in USA we ship by priority mail. There are no handling fees either.
      My Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide Templates provide intricate patterns with the accuracy that laser cutting provides. As you can see from the templates, they are so much more than just simple shapes. Moreover, the patterns can be combined to create unlimited amount of designs. I look forward to hearing from you again. Once again, I’m so sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Faye Crow

  2. I’m interested in your templates. Do you have any books or stitching guides to go with them? I would interested in the entire set. Do you take PayPal?

    thank you,
    nora wilson

    1. Hi Nora,
      I’ve been trying to contact you but haven’t had any luck. Would you please email me at
      Sorry I have had a difficult time finding you.
      Thank you
      Faye Crow

  3. When I order all 4 sets I also get the two stands to keep them in. I don’t see where to let you know that I also want them as well. If I understand right the stands are free with the complete set ordered.

  4. I just ordered all of your template sets and free stands for them, I can hardly wait to get them. Thank you for making these available for all of us.


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